Urubamba & Paul Simon

Urubamba Long Play 1974

Urubamba is the name of the band created by Jorge Milchberg in the U.S. and South-America (the name is Los Incas in Europe).
After the international success of the song El Condor Pasa (played by Los Incas, sung by Simon), Paul Simon invited Jorge Milchberg to tour with him in the U.S and Japan in 1973.
The next year they recorded the album Urubamba at A&R Studios in New York with :
Jorge Milchberg : Charango, artistic director
Uña Ramos : Quenas, Antaras
Martin Torres : Guitar
Airto Moreira (guest) : Percussion
Paul Simon : production
Phil Ramone : sound engineer

Urubamba and Paul Simon (Martin Torres, Jorge Milchberg, Airto Moreira, Paul Simon, Uña Ramos)

One live track (Kacharpari) was aded to the album with :
Jorge Milchberg : Charango
Uña Ramos : Quenas, Anataras
Jorge Cumbo : Quenas, Antaras
Emilio Arteaga : Guitar, Bombo

Paul Simon and Urubamba rehearsing
(Jorge Milchberg, Emilio Arteaga, Paul Simon, Uña Ramos, Jorge Cumbo)

” I’ve been an admirer of Urubamba since 1965, when we appeared on the same bill at the Theatre de l’Est Parisien in Paris. The group was called Los Incas in those days, and it was under that name that they recorded “EL CONDOR PASA” with Simon & Garfunkel. A year or two later, we collaborated again on “DUNCAN”, a song on my first solo album, and again when they accompanied me in concert in the Spring and Fall of 1973. The “live” rendition of “KACHARPARI” heard here was recorded during that tour.”